From Beading to Bedding

Welcome back to my new website!  Since my journey began in 2015, I am thankful to have learned a lot about myself as well as my business.  No one can really prepare you for these lessons and some have to be learned the hard way!  

I am so happy that I took the risk of moving to New York when I was 29.  It was here where I learned to be independent and how to listen to my inner voice.  I also learned that I love being creative and sometimes support from others to keep going can come from surprising places.  There have been many unpredictable twists and turns along the way, but I have learned that I always end up right where I am supposed to be.  

I am grateful to all of my "life teachers" and mentors.  It is really by watching others that I have learned how I want to live my life.  I love to watch women succeed with small businesses because now I know all of the behind the scenes hard work that goes into it all.  Thank you for continuing to follow my creative journey!  

I hope you enjoy making your home beautiful as much as I do!

xo, Elizabeth